• elegant, full of energy, proud
  • loyal, obedient, reliable
  • watchful, keen to work, incorruptible
  • sensitive, clever, gentle
  • affectionate, fond of children, biddable
  • vigilant, self-confident, fearless
  • bound to one person

Welcome to our website !                                                                                                   

The kennel name "von der Töpferstadt" exists since 1994 and is registered in the DV e.V. We are member of the DV e.V., VDH / SGSV.

It started when the bitch "Uschi von der Burg Litermont" came to us. We started to train her and passed the IPO 3, FH 1 and ZTP. Over time, the desire to start a breeding grew in us. It was necessary to send an application to the Doberman Club to register a kennel. After a long wait we got finally the confirmation, the kennel name ”von der Töpferstadt” exists. In the year 1999 our A-litter was born. We kept the only female, Aileen.

After a long break in the year 2005 we mated "Aileen von der Töpferstadt". We decided to keep Beauty from the B-litter.

The training with Beauty made a lot of fun. The success is impressive: ZTP, IPO 3, VPG 3, pre-qualify for the DV-LM (VPG 3= A 96 B 86 C 94), place 7 of the DV LSP 2011 Sachsen/Thüringen/Sachsen Anhalt.

A year later, the C litter - Chester von der Töpferstadt was born. The exhibitors started at the international level and this with surprising success: IDC 2008 in Sweden - Exc1 open class, IDC 2009 in Hungary - Exc1 working class, IDC 2010 Slovakia -Exc4 champion class, IDC 2013 Romonia - Exc2 veteran class, IDC 2014 Slovakia - Exc3 veteran class, EDTW 2015 - Exc1 veteran class, Austrian Champion. His sport career was not neglected: ZTP, AD, IPO 3, VPG 3, FH 2, participant of the DV regionals 2011 und place 4 of the DV German Championship of FH 1. He has sired many successful offspring and is until today in an excellent shape - our pride and joy!

Meanwhile, we have got our I litter. We have succeeded the breeding goal "beauty and performance" to come very close over the years and have never forgotten the aspect of health. It always will be considered in all mating plans. We want that people and families have pleasure with our dogs for many years.

CACIB Pärnu 2020
Gilda von der Töpferstadt
Exc1, CQ, vet-CAC, BF4

CACIB Pärnu 2020
Gilda von der Töpferstadt
Exc1, CQ, vet-CAC, BOB Veteran

LG Siegerschau Nord 2019
Hannah von Hohenzollern
Exc1, CAC, BOS, LG Siegerin Nord

New pictures of Ginger von Hohenzollern !!!

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